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Epoxy flooring Orange County CA
Epoxy garage installation Orange County CA

Plain, metallic or flake epoxy coatings are perfect for your garage floor. We guarantee you will find a color that suits your style. Simply ask one of our sale specialists for a quote on your epoxy installation project.

You can enjoy low costs while your floor is quickly and professionally layered with our world-class epoxy material. We offer some of the fastest and most efficient service in the industry, so there is no need to worry about not being able to use your rooms while the epoxy dries.

We are uniquely capable of realizing your dream home by protecting your flooring with a durable and beautiful epoxy coating. 

Enjoy the benefits of having an epoxy floor. The highly durable resins offer little to no resistance when it comes time to sweep or mop your floor.

We can floor your entire home or only a single room—ask us about epoxy garage flooring.

Metallic Garage OC

As a homeowner, you are most certainly looking for a floor protection solution that is functional, beautiful, and seamless while remaining comfortably chem-resistant and easy to clean.


Our epoxy coating covers all of these bases and has the additional benefit of being much more affordable than similar solutions from competing contractors!

Light Grey 1/4"
Coastal Blue 1"
Coastal Blue 1"
Dakota Gray 1"
Dakota Gray 1"
Flake Tan
Solid White
Dakota Grey 1/4"
Cappuccino 1/4"
Dolphin 1/4"
Dolphin 1/4"
Cappuccino 1/4"
Solid White Epoxy
Mavi 1/4"
Gravel 1/4"
Tuxedo 1/4"
Solid Gray Epoxy
Safari 1/4"
Grey 1/4"
Safari 1/4"
Flake Rare Earth 1/8"

Commercial EPOxy  COATINGS

Commercial Epoxy Floor in Orange County CA

There are literally hundreds of benefits to using an epoxy floor coating in your place of business, but the foremost that our customers exclaim to us is that is an easy clean.

Enjoy the benefits of this top performance. Simply ask one of our commercial specialists for a quote on your epoxy installation project.   

We guarantee that you will enjoy great value through our high quality floor coating product and our variety. 


Get in touch with us when you need access to world-class epoxy flooring materials! Customize your commercial flooring. 

Stain and Seal
Commercial Kitchen

epoxy floor for Food Facilities

Health Department Requirements:

  • Troweled-on epoxy

  • Minimum thickness is 3/16 inch

  • Coved based 6" high and 3/8 radius cove

  • Smooth, nonabsorbent, easily cleanable

**for more info, please check with your county department.

Solid White Epoxy Commercial
Solid White Commercial Epoxy
Commercial Kitchen Epoxy
Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Orange County
Solid Light Gray Epoxy
Commercial Kitchen Epoxy
Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Floor
Stain and Seal Commercial store
Stain and Seal Commercial
Whisper Grey
Whisper gray
Whisper Grey
Medium Tan 1/16"
Metallic Blue + Green

Works great in a retail store - art studios - grocery store - shopping mall - store entrance floors


industrial  COATINGS

Epoxy floor service in Orange County

When it comes to heavy work, epoxy got your back. Durable epoxy flooring has been shown to increase productivity and reduce loss due to preventable damage in a wide variety of situations, including for industrial businesses. 

One of the sectors in which our specially polished epoxy coating performs particularly well is industrial and manufacturing. Businesses that own factories or commercial building where heavy machinery needs to be frequently moved over a concrete floor, you can benefit from our tough, durable epoxy coating.


Epoxy flooring service in Orange County
Epoxy floor service CA

Industrial application:










Solid Gray Epoxy Coating
Solid Light Gray Epoxy
Solid Gray Epoxy
Solid Gray, Blue and Safety Yellow
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